Megabass Vatalion 190 Matt Tiger Floating

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Crafted by master Japanese lure designer, Yuki Ito, the Megabass Vatalion 190 Swimbait is a Murray Cod’s worst nightmare. The VATALION 190 is built to mimic this preferred forage with a meaty profile and seductive action to attract big bites from trophy bass to the elusive Murray Cod of Australia.

The VATALION 190 is designed stop on a dime and slide out to the left or right when the retrieve is suddenly paused. With a slow retrieve, VATALION big, jointed body exhibits sharp, quick turns for pinpoint movement through grass bed channels, around submerged weeds, and alongside structure. With fast retrieves, it tightens up and delivers a hard-hitting, high-pitch rolling action that displaces a ton of water to lure bites from distance.

The VATALION 190 has proven incredibly effective as a stop & go bait, with retrieve speed adjusted to the conditions. The irregular inertia-powered slides that occur the moment retrieval is stopped are the VATALION’s secret weapon and will elicit crushing bites from followers.